Last of Susan's Beans

We had a hard frost this weekend so my eleven year old and I harvested the rest of the beans with flashlights in the dark (a fun adventure!), all which are drying on platters now. (I had to cull out a few moldy beans so now I am storing them all on platters until Elaine calls them to herself.) Can't wait for the cassoulet party!

Harvest Report

Bean harvest. I put them in the jars to measure volume (just under 3 quarts). But since the beans are not fully dry I have them spread out in a single layer on cardboard to finish drying. Will report weight then.

Cut down plants in wheelbarrow, some shelled beans in pot, bean poles down on the barn floor, that's that.

Cut down plants in wheelbarrow, some shelled beans in pot, bean poles down on the barn floor, that's that.

Bean harvest in the city.

Bean harvest in the city.

Roll Call

ROLL CALL: Please post your harvest results here when you have them.
Here's what I know so far:
Aruna: 1.5 lbs
Jennifer: 2 lbs
Rosa/Elena: 1.2 dried 2lbs frozen
Lee: 2lbs
Guy: 2.5 lbs
Neal: 0 (blight)

Susan: I have about one cup's worth and many more green ones on the vine. I will find a way to weight them when I have the rest.

Cathy: I haven't been to my community garden in two months. We had drought and then a hurricane. I am not hopeful. Trying to get there this week.

Meg: Meg 10 oz.

Elaine: Neal, I hope you know your contribution to the group has been considerable and much appreciated despite your bad luck with the beans.

John: I have 1.5lbs dried and in a jar - pictures pending - and have a small amount more to harvest - a second wave - fully grown and waiting for them to yellow and dry.

Neal: Thanks. I've got to ask my friend if she has any luck with the beans I gave her. Next time I see her.....

Elona: I don't have a suitable device to measure my beans. so far it should be about a pound or so... generous and optimistic eyeball measurement.

Elaine: FYI: A quart-sized mason jar of beans seems to weigh in at about 1.6-1.8 lbs. depending on their moisture content and size of beans

Aruna: Oh, so I have more like 1.75 lbs, let's say.

Cathy: Benign/aggressive neglect yields .75 lbs., but they are very wrinkly and damp. Sad.

Elaine: Please share a picture. I'm sure they are not as bad as you think.

Elaine: (Plus, you've been on book tour and writing some awesome articles of late.)

Zoe: I have nearly 3 quarts. They're not dry yet though. Will weigh when dry.

Neal: Show off.....

Neal: Sorry....that was unkind. I think I have bean envy.....

Zoe: LOL