Site Visit: Williamstown

I have lots to tell you. I went to Williamstown. Aruna's garden is small but her beanstalks are ambitious. 

The entire garden is along the path to her front door. She has bean plants on both sides of the path.

About three plants are in this large pot. 

These were planted on the other side of the walk directly into the soil. There's about five plants in this clump. This group of vines was much more ambitious that its cross-path companions. When they ran out of pole to climb, they reached out to the neighboring tree and began climbing it.

Now there are beans maturing right next to fruit from the tree. It's crazy and unnatural. And we both agreed it was a little creepy.

These came off the non-tree stalks. She's going to have a lot of beans.

Both the pods and the beans have a lovely rosy blush.