Meg Weighs In

While walking the dog this morning I stopped by the sun drenched street garden at the Asamblea de Iglesias Cristianas Bethesda where my bean plants reside. I wanted to check for more harvestable pods and indeed there were a few that had ripened to the perfect shade of yellow. I collected a pocketful and shelled them immediately upon my arrival at home. I am quite pleased to see that this second batch is milky white, plump and shiny. I fear that I may have left the earlier harvest on the vine for too long as some of that batch is dimpled and wrinkled well past its tender young age. Thus far I have 4.85 ounces of dried beans collected. I hope to have a ½ pound to contribute to Elaine’s cassoulet by the end of the week when all of the beans are off of the vines.