My Bean Plants are Huge

My bean plants are huge (seriously, 8 feet high and climbing), but... no flowers, no pods, no evidence of beans forthcoming. I'm off to Canada for a camping trip tomorrow, and will be sending bean-vibes while absent.. but if there's no change when I get back, we may need to research bean-leaf recipes ;-(

Elaine: Here's a couple things I found on a quick google search: 

No Bean Flowers: How To Get A Bean Plant To Bloom

Pole Beans With No Flowers and No Beans

Elaine: It sounds like you've been giving them too much love.

Elaine: Maybe when you get back we can climb the stalks up to rob the giant king.

Jeremy: Mine seem just about to bloom, I've done nothing beyond stick them in the ground and give them some bamboo to climb, it seems neglect is indeed the way to go.

Guy: All I've done is water sporadically.. Big puzzle.

Elaine: Your soil must be super charged.

Aruna: The beans I planted in pots are flowering like crazy; the ones in the ground are hardly flowering at all. But I deliberately planted my beans in a less rich soil in the ground, and the pot has a rich soil mix. So you know: makes no sense.

Aruna: My tomatoes are happy, tho.

Cathy: My soil was seriously amended before planting. Cow manure, sand, compost, and years of tilling.

Aruna: Guy: my flowers only set this week, really. Hasn't it been super hot in NYC? Temps above 90 inhibit bloom production.

Cathy: Well, crap. If that's the case, Aruna, I won't see flowers until September in DC!