Bean Question

We have so many beans! On the pole beans they are sitting on the ground and we are afraid that they might rot. What do you think? Should we pull out the beans early or do you think they will be okay if we leave them in the ground?


  • Z: shove a milk crate under 'em? prop 'em up with branchy sticks (á là pea staking)? leave 'em be? If you pull out the beans early you'll get green beans not dry beans.

  • N: Z's ideas work. Or have a few fresh beans. Also pick off most of lower leaves to keep damping away.

  • Rosa: Sorry I made a mistake about which beans are on the ground. They are the bush beans and so they are attached very low down and there is no room to prop them up. What would you suggest in this case? We have about 20 plants with this problem.