Report From Vermont

I haven't had my own garden for about four years and sometimes I miss it but mostly I don't. Anyway given the nature of this endeavor I thought I'd outsource the bean growing to someone else's garden, in particular the spectacular gardens of Kate Smith and Justin Squizzero at Lone Rock Farm in Marshfield, Vermont (location 44.309454, -72.409867). 

Winter was long and Memorial Day (traditional North Country bean planting time) was early so I waited another week and planned to go visit and plant the beans on June 1. But it was raining and cold the three days I was there so instead I spread a huge pile of year-old cow manure--a gift from the fantastic Hollister Hill farm up the road--all over the garden. And I built some tripods, and fended off multiple rooster attacks (see "mostly i don't" above). 

Any-whee, Justin planted the beans for me on June 8 when the ground had dried up a bit and he had a moment to spare from his own work (in particular, handweaving gorgeous blue and white checked linen neckerchiefs, reproductions of 19th century American textiles). 

Yesterday, June 17, I got word from Kate that the beans had sprouted and were about 3" high and growing! So, happy day. It takes a village to grow a bean.