Planting Beans in Breukelen

My beans finally made it into the earth over the weekend. For maximum sun I staked them out a spot across the street from my house on a strip of land next to the Asamblea de Iglesias Cristianas Bethesda Inc. This is a 60' x 6' fenced off plot next to a store front church. My own garden ran out of room about three years ago so Pastor Luis gave me permission to cultivate and maintain this little dirt patch. In three years time it's become quite verdant with trees, shrubs, wild flowers, ground cover and more. The best part about it though is that the whole neighborhood gets to enjoy it. Almost all of the plants were donations from friends and neighbors along with a few native pollinator seed balls that I purchased and numerous cuttings and transplants from my own garden. I hope that these French beans will sprout and enjoy their new home in Breukelen. We'll see!