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Oops.. we messed out... we soaked the beans for too long. Now they are not sprouting. Help! Can we please have another chance?
— Elena
  • Neal: How long did you soak them? Did they fall apart? They take 4-10 days to germinate in the soil depending on temps..... Do you have slugs or snails in the garden that could have eaten them? Or birds?

  • Elena: Neal. I put them in a germinator next to other beans and seeds and let them be for a week. Everything germinated except them. They did not move at all. Some fell part but mist of them are intact.Should I wait longer?

  • Neal: Hmmm. I've never used a germinator so I have no concept of what went wrong. Perhaps the other seeds were mean and called them Frenchie or something. 
    There is a mix of 2 different companies seed so that is part of if. Leave them in for a little while l
    onger. Different beans have different germination times. At very least this could point to an old world bean vs technology issue. Did you start all the seed at the same time or add the tarbais' later? We have no way of knowing when those bean seeds were formed but I wonder where the moon was when harvested vs when you "sowed" them.....

  • Elaine: ElenaNeal & everybody. I only sent beans from one source in the end. I have those other beans that look more like cannellini that I can send you. 
    But I am curious how long you soaked them.

  • Neal: Ah so...

  • Elaine:  Elena, I don't know how germinator works either. But I will give you more beans when I bring the snow boots over tonight.

  • Neal: Plant them tonight!! The moon is bean-favorable....

  • Elena: Neal, I started the seeds all at the same time. the only difference is I did not soak the other ones. I am afraid soaked them for too long, probably more then 6 hours.

  • Neal: I usually soak
    Bean and pea
    Seeds over night or 1/2

    A day. It's not uncommon to plant some leave the jar in the garden for a week and plant the rest. Success is variable though.

  • Elena: ok. so why they did not start?

  • Neal: Germination can be slow or low. Most seed
    Is only 85% success rate. A longer soak and the mechanics of the germinator might come into play. Or the fact they are French and they do what
    They like and strike

    When they will.

  • Aruna: I planted some sweet pea seeds over a month ago -- maybe even before that. They should have sprouted in 5 or 6 days, bit they only decided to show their faces this week! They were waiting for the right combo of soil temp and air temp I guess.

  • Elaine: I'm really happy you guys are talking to each other.