My beans went in the ground today.

My beans went in the ground today. It was a hopeful act, the construction of a rag-tag trellis from leftover garden things and string. This is at a Washington, DC community garden (as an aside, the only one in the country sited inside a national park, in this case, Rock Creek Park). The plots are 10 feet by 20 feet. The pots in the photo denote the back boundary of my plot. The pots are filled with frais de bois and everbearing strawberries. I am hoping the cat's cradle I knotted will work to keep the birds off the strawberries, too. I am a fan of multitasking. I planted borlotti on one end of the trellis and the QUACK beans on the other. I may put some scarlet runner on the center trellis, just for color.