The soil is warm and weeds are small.

Yesterday (Sunday May 24th) was a beautiful day for digging in the soil at 2000’ in the Catskills. The soil is warm and weeds are small. I planted some ground cover a few weeks ago, peas and oats so you might see a bit of green sprouts in my images. I followed the directions on in the box. Soaked the beans for around an hour, while I prepped the bed where they beans would be planted. I decided to put them in four rows and will have to put up two small trellises for them to climb on. When the rows were hoed and ready I drained the beans and tossed them with the inoculant. Placed them in their little spots and covered them up. All went quite smoothly. They will be sharing their box with three kinds of lettuce and english peas. I doused the soil with red pepper powder as the chipmunks like to dig anywhere that the soil has been disturbed and the capsaicin seems to deter them. 

One summer, before I discovered the power of the pepper spray, the chipmunks kept digging up our sunflower seeds. I was trying to plant a bunch of sunflowers around the mailbox. We were only there on the weekends, but each visit I tried replanting the seeds. Meanwhile on our back porch was a bag of bird seed (black sunflower seeds) and the greedy little chipmunks also tore through our screen to get to the seeds in the bag. Here they were not only eating their fill, but also stowing them where they could, which on the back porch happened to be in our potted plants. After giving up on the sunflowers around the mailbox I discovered sunflower starts popping up in out planters on the  back porch and realized that the chipmunks were accidental gardeners. I eventually transplanted the starts to the area around the mailbox and I had sunflowers in the end!

So, fingers crossed I’ll be checking in with some sprout pictures soon!