What is Bean Inoculant?

On the advice of our farmer/advisor Neal, I've included some bean inoculant. Some of you are going to ask what it is, so here is what I found out:

It's nitrogen-fixing bacteria mixed with some dirt that helps beans sprout and grow.

My favorite description of bean inoculant is this one from The Scientific Gardener :

Does Soil Inoculant really work?

When I have problems with digestion I often benefit from eating yogurt that contains the Acidophilus bacteria. There are products that can help a plant’s roots, like yogurt can help a person’s stomach. These products are often made out of nitrogen-fixing bacteria (rhizomes) and are touted as helping legumes get good head-start. Products in this class are often loosely referred to as soil inoculants.
At first I thought that rhizomic soil inoculant was some kind of propaganda marketed by gardening companies to lure gullible gardeners into spending more money on their products. However, a recent experience... read more