Is this normal? A batch shelled this weekend has begun to sprout. Is it the humidity? Should I throw it in the freezer? Some of it is also discolored somehow.

Elena: I think you shelled it too early. The freezer probably is the best choice.

Elaine: Neal, have you seen this before?

Elena: Before freezing my beans they looked kind of similar. They did not sprout.. though.

Elaine: Elona, do you mind if I repost the picture to a couple boards and garden groups?

Elona: Go ahead . The other two batches are fine so I am thinking that this is a case of picking too early or right after rainy patch.

Elaine: Ah it probably is the later. The dried beans being remoistened then warmed up by coming inside. If I were a seed, I'd sprout.

Elaine: Also are the beans hard? What happens when you push your nail into it?

Elona: They seemed soft(er).