Tropical Depression Status

As I crawl into bed tonight, I'm feeling the tropical depression, the colder weather, and the no uncertain end of summer. I'm wondering about everybody's beanstalks and the status of your harvests.

Guy: As the weather descends, I'm gazing grumpily out the rear window at the beanstalks - some of which are withering, and some displaying inexplicable optimism by sending out new shoots, blossoms and bean-pods. I suppose this is a metaphor for something.

Lee: have about 2 lbs of dried beans. I'm going to head upstate this weekend and will check for any additional bean action...seems unlikely though. It's been down in the 30s there some nights!

Zoe: The beans are, as far as I know, shivering on the vines, but not freezing. I'm planning to pull them next weekend no matter what. Last time I was there I harvested the few pods that were dry enough to be done. Oo, the pods are in the glove box of my car! Photo opportunity beckons