Beans on the 2 Train

Guess what this bag contains.

Yup, two small frozen porchette and two pounds of artist-grown Tarbais beans.

I think I can safely claim that this is the only bag on the uptown 2 train that contains two pounds of dried French Tarbais beans grown in Pennsylvania by an Italian artist.


So I bought one of these from D'Artagnan
It's not the funnel shaped ones I love but those are quite a bit more fragile and expensive to ship from France. This one came practically over night from NJ (or somewhere).

It'll hold 8 quarts which is enough cassoulet for 12 people.

Last of Susan's Beans

We had a hard frost this weekend so my eleven year old and I harvested the rest of the beans with flashlights in the dark (a fun adventure!), all which are drying on platters now. (I had to cull out a few moldy beans so now I am storing them all on platters until Elaine calls them to herself.) Can't wait for the cassoulet party!